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We are a local garage who specialize in servicing, repairing and maintaining cars and small vans in the Reading area. We have been in the motor trade for many years providing our clients with top quality, professional services including car servicing, brake replacement, cambelt replacement, mobile car air conditioning servicing, mobile windscreen chip repair service and mobile windscreen scratch removal service to name but a few services.

We pride ourselves on giving the best service with the most affordable price and best of all we
DO NOT charge VAT, saving you even more money. We also GUARANTEE to beat main dealer prices every time!
Established in the year 2000 with Vauxhall, Saab and Landrover experience under our belt we decided it was time to break away from working for the main dealers and bought it on ourselves to provide a personal touch of our own.

Although working for main dealers was good, we saw that most of the time everything seemed to be rushed and in some cases the client was not given the full 100% attention they deserved, so we took it upon ourselves to change that. It doesn't matter if you have the best tools, the best premises, the best advertisements, if you don't look after your clients, you have nothing because they will look elsewhere and you will end up not having a business!
About The Parts We Use
What We Strongly Advise!

On a majority of vehicles your engine is driven by a cambelt. It is extremely important to have your cambelt changed at the correct interval. Failing to do this will cause your tired and worn cambelt to snap resulting in a damaged engine, which can end up costing hundreds of pounds to repair and in some cases the engine is unrepairable.

We advise to change the cambelt as a kit, similar to the image on the right. This way you know that you are replacing not just the belt but the rollers and adjuster/tensioner.
The two most important parts on your vehicle are your tyres and brakes. Never neglect these two important parts. We always recommend Michelin tyres, simply because they always perform well in the wet and dry and seem to last well too!

The next part or parts are the brakes, again we use good quality parts, which will give you good performance and will last longer than the other cheaper brands out there.

In order to reduce the amount of wear from your brakes we recommend to use the 50/50 system, (manual gearbox vehicles) meaning that if you use your gears as well as your brakes to slow down then your wear rate will drop dramatically.
We always aim to please and make sure that what you ask for is what you get, no extra surprises. If we quote you a price for a job, that is what you pay. If you need further work we ALWAYS contact you to ask for authorisation before proceeding. We also keep and show you the parts which have been replaced.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website and look forward to serving you and maintaining your vehicle. Should you have any questions please use our contact page. For the quickest response it is best to contact us on our mobile number.
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0118 9420454 / 07710 171668
We use good quality parts when servicing your vehicle, although they are not 100% original they are always of a good well known brand. We can fit original parts if you request but they will generally be much dearer and believe it or not but a majority of parts are made in the same place but labelled different!

The oil which we put in your engine when we carry out an oil and filter change is of high quality. There are many different grades of oil but we generally use a synthetic based oil which coats the internal parts of an engine and protects it better than a basic mineral oil.
Please Call To Make A Booking Or An Enquiry

0118 9420454 / 07710 171668
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